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5.0.5 RC1

Frank Karlitschek-3
Hi testpilots :-)

we packaged 5.0.5 RC1 today.

The changelog is here:

This fixes several bigger and smaller issues. Please test it good and give feedback on github.
If everything goes well and no major problems are found then this will be released this Friday as 5.0.5

It would be great if you could give this a hard test and give feedback if something doesn't work.

If we found no showstoppers than this is 5.0.5
"Normal" bugs are now showstoppers. We know that we have bugs and we have to fix them one after another. Showstoppers would be regressions so things that are broken now but worked with 5.0.4 or other major bugs.

Thanks to everyone for helping :-)

Please let me know if you have any questions.