6.0.2RC1 and 5.0.15RC1

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6.0.2RC1 and 5.0.15RC1

Frank Karlitschek-3
Hi everyone,

6.0.2RC1 and 5.0.15RC1 are here. We are a day early to have more time for testing.


A (temporary) changelog is here: http://owncloud.org/releases/Changelog

The schedule is this:
- 25.2. All fixes have to be backported to stable6
- 26.2. Release of RC1
- 28.2. Release of final 6.0.2 tar file to packagers
- 3.3.  6.0.2 release

Please all give it a hard test. Especially:
- Upgrading from older versions
- Usage on Windows
- Usage in proxy server setups

Thanks a lot to everyone who contributed.


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