Ability to toggle (enable/disable) LDAP configuration from within the admin UI?

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Ability to toggle (enable/disable) LDAP configuration from within the admin UI?


Is it deliberately that a "button" is missing in the LDAP admin panel to enable/disable a LDAP configuration?

The activation of LDAP configuration seems to be fully automatic and there is no way to disable it. During LDAP configuration "view.js" will continuously check the status  with _updateStatusIndicator: function(state)  if (updateStatusIndicator == STATUS_SUCCESS) which sets ldap_configuration_active => 1 and activates LDAP user accounts and user mappings according to the LDAP Filters. But there is no way to inactivate the configuration from within the admin UI other than delete it and start over from scratch. You can of course "hack" the config.php with ldapConfigurationActive or update "ldap_configuration_active" in table oc_appconfig but that's beside the point.

The problem with the automation is that it activates the configuration to soon, especially when you also need to configure some additional settings in the expert panel like UUID mappings or the Internal Username Attribute that all affects the internal user naming conventions. On order to make these settings to work you need to reset the configuration i.e "flush" (reset) the UUID mapping as well as remove the wrongly injected LDAP user accounts in the database thus the need to be able to disable the automatic "check-and-activate" and add an [Enable/Disable] button.

Bottom line, IMO there is no need to "over-automate" a function like LDAP that anyhow require expert knowledge to make it work.

I need some advice regarding this matter: should I report this as a bug or just try to convince someone to add an [Enable/Disable] button in the LDAP panel as an additional "feature" ??

Thanks in advance!
Regards, Lars.

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