Addressbook with LDAP backend - Testers welcome

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Addressbook with LDAP backend - Testers welcome

Nicolas Mora
Hello owncloud community,

For the last months, I have implemented a backend for the Addressbook
app to connect it to a LDAP, with Tanghus' help, many thanks to him.

The backend seems stable enough for me now, then I'm looking for testers
who can provide me feedbacks, for it to be stable and useful enough to
be released.

You can checkout the code in github, the branch is called 'ldap':

When adding a ldap addressbook, you are requested to use a 'connector'.
The connector is a xml file that describes the mapping between ldap
fields and VCard fields. If you're using a ldap addressbook in
read/write mode, I have added a field called 'unassigned' which is used
when a vcard property has no corresponding property in the ldap
structure. The ldap property used for this can be set to any field,
preferably a dedicated one.
The current connector files are located in the folder 'contacts/formats'
with the prefix 'backend_*'.

For now I have implemented 2 connectors, one inetOrgPerson and the other
called vcardunassigned.

inetOrgPerson connector can be used as is for inetOrgPerson ldap cards,
the ldap field businnessCategory will be used for the vcardunassigned

vcardunassigned connector uses a small schema I created to make it
easier for me, it adds 2 fields to the inetOrgPerson objectClass, the
country (which sometimes is absent in the ldap configuration) and a
vcardunassigned field. The schema file is also located in

I'm planning to write an admin/user documentation for this backend but I
guess it will be better written when I'll have other user feedbacks on it.

Thanks in advance for your help
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