Announcement: Calendar Rework alpha 1 released

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Announcement: Calendar Rework alpha 1 released

Georg Ehrke-5
Hello ownCloud users!

Today we are pleased to release the first alpha of the new calendar app.
The new calendar app will replace the old one with the upcoming release of ownCloud 9.
It’s an entire rewrite that fixes some long-standing bugs like not being able to
hide shared calendars and also brings eagerly awaited features like support for attendees and reminders.

Now is your turn!
Please help us testing the new app.

All you need is a pre-release version of ownCloud 9 (e.g. a daily build) and the new calendar app,
which you grab over here:
You can learn more about setting up a testing instance on ownCloud.org

As always when reporting bugs:
- please check for existing issues and don't create duplicate bug reports
- use the issue template
- be as precise as possible

You can find our bug tracker here:

This is pre-release software. Please don’t use it in a productive environment.

Looking forward to receiving your feedback,
Georg and Raghu
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