Calender not activating? Missing Info.xml file?

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Calender not activating? Missing Info.xml file?

Bugs Bane

I have an install of ownCloud, and the calender *used to* show up in the
menu, but after some update a while back, it no longer does (and yes it's
activated in the apps menu, and I've deactivated and reactivated it). I did
a completely new checkout of trunk to see if something just got corrupted
and it does the same thing there. It also doesn't seem to work trying to
access caldav from either Thunderbird or Kontact (using the Calender
instructions at

I've tried multiple browsers (FF, Chromium, Qupzilla etc) and they all show
the same thing. No "Calender" menu item, no matter what.

In the "Log" area, there is just one message:
ErrorcoreApp does not provide an info.xml file20.02.2012 02:46:56
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