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Dear List Admin,

I believe the post below was intended for the list and not me alone.

Might I suggest we set the "explicit Reply To" in Mailman for this list?

I've actually almost responded privately a couple of times to folks
myself and find that most people tend to just hit reply instead of reply
list, in expectation that it will make it to the list.

P.S. Luis, you top-posted ;) http://dblpl.us/fe4240 - I would respond
but I'm not inclined to reply to top-posts in the hope of discouraging
that practice.

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Subject: RE: [Owncloud] Moving dropbox to ownCloud
Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2012 16:32:25 +0000
From: Luis Azevedo <[hidden email]>
To: Bradley D. Thornton <[hidden email]>

But won't the mount option only provide access to the data instead of
moving the data to ownCloud?
What is the difference between the custom mount and External Storage?

Best regards,

> Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2012 06:01:34 -0800
> From: [hidden email]
> To: [hidden email]
> Subject: Re: [Owncloud] Moving dropbox to ownCloud
> On 12/10/2012 02:30 AM, Jussi Hirvi wrote:
>> I am an ownCloud newbie, but I would do that by copying it all to a
>> local directory, then using these directions to mount that directory for
>> one user.
>> http://owncloud.org/support/custom-mount-configuration/
>> (See under "Local filesystem".)
> I get the idea that someone doesn't want to continue paying those
> outrageous fees for the *Teams*, and the company is working not just
> with a few gigs, but rather, somewhere upwards of a TB or so.
> In that case this would be ideal, and even the usage of OpenStack
> storage might be desirable.
> Otherwise... yeah, just install miro and pick a mount point, and drag
> everything from the Dropbox folder to the OwnCloud sync'd folder on your
> workstation, and when you return from lunch it will be done :)
>> That user can then share the stuff to others, and in doing that, adjust
>> privileges for individual users (read, write, etc.).
> Yeah, try that w/Dropbox ;)
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