How can the client receive the cookies?

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How can the client receive the cookies?

when I using the Page_ShibbolethCreds to connect the server, it can't receive the cookies from server.And then, I change the code to make it into the setup order. In final ,the Synchronization Client is created.
the Synchronization Client UI is like this image(fig 1).
fig 1

So, there is no UerID. But I see the code in "owncloudshibbolethcredspage.cpp":

void OwncloudShibbolethCredsPage::slotShibbolethCookieReceived(const QNetworkCookie &cookie)

    _cookie = cookie;

    emit connectToOCUrl(field("OCUrl").toString().simplified());


I find it useless.
So ,how can the client receive the cookies?And does the cookie has the UserID and Password?