How to load to UBL and U-boot to RAM on DM6467?

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How to load to UBL and U-boot to RAM on DM6467?

Guillaume GARDET

I would like to load UBL and U-Boot to RAM (without using the NAND) on a
DM6467 custom board but I cannot find how. I successfully load the UBL
to IRAM (through UART) with :
    slh_DM646x.exe -load2IRAM UBL_DM646x_NAND.bin
and I get a "Operation completed successfully". But it is stuck there, I
do not know what it is expected then.

I do not know how to load u-boot to RAM. On the wiki, there are
informations on how to flash it in NAND but nothing to load it on RAM.
Maybe it is not possible with the tools from :
Any idea or pointers ?

Guillaume GARDET
[hidden email]

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