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Idea: "Invite to upload/download"

Jakob Sack

I recently installed ownCloud on my shared webhosting service (with
PHP+MySQL). It works well so far (considering it is a preview).

Sometimes I want to send large files to friends. At the moment I use FTP to
upload the file to my webspace, send a link to my friend and delete the file
afterwards. However, this is quite inconvenient. My idea is to have an option
to allow unknown users to download a file by sending them an (cryptic) url.
Proposed workflow:

-upload file
-"invite to download"
-enter email address and duration of inventation
-ownCloud sends an email "Hello, send you a file. You can download it here:
-guest can download the file as long as the invitation is valid

Of course this could work the other way around. We could have some special
folder called "inbox" and an option "invite to upload". The guest follows the
url and uploads a file. The user sees it in the inbox.

What do you think about this idea?

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