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Meeting organization app

Hello all,

We're a group of students at the University of Maryland who have been tasked, as part of a software engineering course, with creating an extension to ownCloud for organizing meetings and events.  Specifically, something akin to a doodle-poll or when2meet, where an organizer may wish to open a negotiation around a window or range of possible meeting times, and collect responses from participants before sending our the invitations through a more typical calendar functionality.  Our major concern is to do this in a privacy-respecting way, with data under the control of the users.

As a part of this, we wanted to take the opportunity to reach out to the ownCloud community and let everyone know what we're up to, and also to gather input  and generally try to avoid stepping on any toes.  So far, for logistical reasons our intention is to put our features into a new app (rather than attempt to fork an existing project), however to duplicate as little work as possible so that our work can be easily pulled into any project that might wish to do so.

So if anyone has any advice, requests, warnings or anything else, we'd greatly appreciate them!

Thanks very much!
-the ownMeeting team 

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