New release: ownCloud 10.0.1

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New release: ownCloud 10.0.1

Emil Lefherz
Hi all!

the community released ownCloud 10.0.1 today, the best and most reliable
ownCloud server release ever. While our community is already working
with the lately released ownCloud X version, today also the Enterprise
Edition is final. For you as our community users this means, that this
release will bring back the full LDAP-functionality together with new
search features inside LDAP. We are very proud of this release and a big
shout-out goes to all the contributors that made this release possible.

ownCloud X now marks a new era for ownCloud development. As we are
saying goodbye to a waterfall based engineering process and now follow a
more agile path, we will be able to develop quicker with even better code.

As you might have noticed we have built the ownCloud marketplace, and
untangled most of the ownCloud application extensions from core. The
core is and will be what it always was: The reliable and robust server
for secure and private file-sync and share. All other Features are now
optional via the marketplace.

The now lightweight core ensures that maintenance is easier, and you
don't waste valuable system resources on apps and functionalities you
don't want running. From now on it is a lot easier for developers and
contributors to create own customized applications and features. This
means that new features and applications can now be developed quicker
not just by the ownCloud developers but also by you. The application
extensions are now nicely separated from the file syncing core and your
application or feature can be developed from a “clean” code base with
well documented APIS. All other Features are now optional via the

Some minor fixes for calendar and contact apps which meanwhile had to be
tackled manually (link to github/FAQ) are included as well. We really
appreciated the large number of downloads and the fast adoption for
ownCloud X and thankfully accepted that you shared some issues with us,
that we now fixed.

The former Files Drop App is now included as a core functionality and
the  is now fully integrated. To use sharing restriction and guest app
side by side we created a new feature to restrict username
autocompletion to group membership. A feature that esp. admins will like
is that email verification is disabled for addresses they enter to avoid
mailbounces. ownCloud X is more than just the server component, for
successful file, sync and share solutions you need also the work on the
client side. ownCloud X and the corresponding clients ensure that your
server is accessible from all clients no matter what OS they run on, or
at from where you access your server.

As usual find the complete changelog at
and download the latest version at

Stay tuned for our new releases: server apps, mobile and desktop
clients: exiting stuff is coming up!

With best regards,

Community Evangelist

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