[Owncloud] Announcement: The "ownCloud Test Pilots"

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[Owncloud] Announcement: The "ownCloud Test Pilots"

Mathias Johansson
Good initiative hope you gets people who apply

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Klaas Freitag <freitag at owncloud.com> wrote:


with an increasing amount of features in ownCloud, it becomes
harder for the developer community to keep up good quality in
all functions ownCloud is offering today. To ensure that, we heavily
depend on the people in our community who use this or that feature
or setup and can report back how it works, test special setups or
give insights on how things should be implemented.

We thought we should put a little more organization around that and
as a result I am happy to announce the idea of the "ownCloud Test Pilots".

The ownCloud Test Pilots is an open group of community members who
have fun to help to improve ownCloud and are willing to do a bit
more than a normal user. An ownCloud Test Pilot has any kind of special
experience(now or also in the future, for example with setting up
ownCloud with other web servers than apache, or with certain
platform/database combinations, with LDAP or external mounts or
many users or such. For example, somebody running an ownCloud on a
Windows server using a Postgresql database would qualify perfectly
for the ownCloud Test Pilot group.

She or he will be open to communicate with other Pilots and developers
about ownCloud, help each other to reproduce error situations and test
that upcoming releases work like expected.

Note that it's not about supporting other users (that can be done
anyway ;-) but about a focused technical group around special setups
and effective testing of the various scenarios.

How would you join?

Simply stand up and introduce yourself on the mailing list
testpilots at owncloud.org [1]. Tell us your name and your experience
with ownCloud or your area of expertise. Please do that NOW!

Over time we will create a "Pilots Lounge" documentation corner and
whatever the group of people will come with once we got the wheel
spinning. We as a community can make ownCloud great!

What do you think?



[1] Subscribe: http://mailman.owncloud.org/mailman/listinfo/testpilots
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