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Owncloud Calendar with Thunderbird & Lightning - Thanks


Hopefully this isn't OT for the list.

OS: Ubuntu 15.10/16.04
Thunderbird: 38.8.0

I like Thunderbird for my email. Today I was told about the Lightning
Add-on that could connect to Owncloud. When I go to "Events and Tasks"->
"Publish" and enter in the Owncloud URL I get from the gear symbol in
the web version of Owncloud, I get an error.

The URL is

Which gives the error "Publishing the calendar file failed. Status code:
409: Conflict"

I banged my head on it for an hour looking at all kinds of "solutions"
that didn't work for me. A minute ago, I found this:

Windyward, you are my hero of the day! That solution totally works. So
many guides told me to go the Publish route and that didn't work.
However, creating a new calendar does!

Since I don't use the forums I thought I would tell the list in case
anyone else needs this info in the future.


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