Preliminary Schedule for ownCloud Client 2.0.0

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Preliminary Schedule for ownCloud Client 2.0.0

Klaas Freitag-3

here is the preliminary schedule for the ownCloud Client 2.0.0 release:

August 6th, 2015: Release of beta1
  - No features any more after this point, only bug fixes
  - intense testing starts here.

August 17th, 2015: Release Candidate 1
  - only critical bug fixes from this point

August 20th, 2015: Release of final 2.0.0

This is subject to change if problems come up, but that's the plan.

Anyone who wants to help testing is very welcome to do that. Actually
that can start already now with the nightly builds as described in the
mail before.

What to test?

We maintain two wiki pages which should give you an idea of what and how
to test:
General testing scenarios:

Version specific testing for 2.0.0:

These lists are not complete, but should give a good hint. Of course the
pages are open for contribution, but please let us know via the
mailinglist if you do changes to it.



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