Problem with OC_Filestorage_FTP

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Problem with OC_Filestorage_FTP

Jussi Hirvi
Hello, list,

Running Owncloud 4.5.2 on CentOS 6.3. Standard install with SQLite.

(I read the Owncloud version from lib/util.php:
> public static function getVersionString() {
> return '4.5.2';        }

I have configured an external folder (on a remote Linux machine) to be
mounted under an user dir using the OC_Filestorage_FTP. There is about
40 G stuff in the remote directory.

At first everything looked well. It seemed to me that the whole file
structure would be copied to files_versions of the user dir and some
string appended to all the filenames. The files_versions was slowly
getting bigger. Web login was not possible. On login attempt, I would
get a php error message (?) saying that the database is locked.

Then the process seemed to stop after about 24 hours, when about 11 G
was copied. The files_versions was apparently not getting bigger anymore.

When I now tried to login via browser, the files_versions started
getting bigger again. I noticed duplicate filenames with only the
version string being different. So now I get duplicate versions of the
files. And still I cannot login.

What should I do? I have root access to the remote machine. So I could
also try the WedDAV route.

Anyway, my users want a read/write access to the files, so using a local
folder mount (with data copied from the remote machine) seemes
problematic - there would be two file repositories (local and remote)
and sooner or later we would have version conflicts between them.

I can post more info, if someone asks.

Green Spot webhotel

Jussi Hirvi * Green Spot
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Re: Problem with OC_Filestorage_FTP

Jussi Hirvi
Now the situation has changed, but still having problems.

After server reboot I noticed that
a) I could log in normally via web
b) the ftp transfer has stopped (files_versions dir sized do not change
c) only 18 of 38 G are transferred
d) web interface shows only 20 subdirectories of the mount, even though
in files_versions, all of the about 50 subdirs (of the level nearest to
the mount-root) are present. The 20 shown subdirs are nearly exactly the
alphabetically first ones, but not quite.

I have no clue on how to proceed. I sorely miss documentation on how to
troubleshoot and monitor the ftp mounts.

- Jussi

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