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Scaling considerations

Aggelos Economopoulos
Hello all,

I've just installed owncloud for preview and in the process I've browsed
around the site a bit. It struck me as odd that I couldn't find a
discussion of the scaling issues involved. Maybe I didn't look hard
enough, maybe much of the discussion takes place on irc or perhaps you
have defined the problem away :)

In any case, I'm concerned about file sharing between friends and what
would happen if I was running owncloud on my home box (or even some
server somewhere) and some of my files became too popular for my
connection. As things are, I'd stand a good chance of getting
(accidentally and without warning) DDoS'ed out of the internet. Do you
guys plan to support that scenario?

Secondly, I would consider it very important to allow for mobility. That
is, if a user is identified by url
( then it's harder to move their
identity from a home connection to a hosting provider or from one
provider to another. It also means that they need to trust the provider
that hosts their data absolutely. With that in mind, I'd hope that users
are identified by something like gpg keys. This is pretty much a
requirement if you want to allow third parties to host user data in
order to share the traffic load to a popular node.

Anyway, my point is that these are issues that should be discussed on
the site; other people are likely to have similar questions.