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Test Pilot

Ivaylo Katovski
Hello There

My name is Ivaylo and I am intrested in computer security and pen
I do like exploring new systems and programs.

Curently I have installed owncloud 8.1 on my own server I do use ngnix
on 32 bit machine running ubuntu 14.04 and i had my first expirience
with owncloud ever.
I had it running for few hours and i love it so far . I have not
explored deply the scripts and the file structure, but i am planing to

I do not have much programing knowledge just the basics but i am good at
reading the scripts and do minor modifications on it.

If you like me to test anyting please let me know and i would be glad to
assist. if i end up with any issues will be my pleasure to report.

Good luck everyone

Ivaylo Katovski
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