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Naresh Kansara
Hello Guillaume,

  I faced similar problem in loading an application through UART. I got
little further. But stuck at following prompt

BOOTUBLStarting UART Boot...


 Please see my response below your email


Naresh Kansara

Irvine Sensors

[hidden email]





I would like to load UBL and U-Boot to RAM (without using the NAND) on a

DM6467 custom board but I cannot find how. I successfully load the UBL
to IRAM (through UART) with :

    slh_DM646x.exe -load2IRAM UBL_DM646x_NAND.bin and I get a "Operation
completed successfully". But it is stuck there, I do not know what it is
expected then.


I do not know how to load u-boot to RAM. On the wiki, there are
informations on how to flash it in NAND but nothing to load it on RAM.

Maybe it is not possible with the tools from :


Any idea or pointers ?




Guillaume GARDET

[hidden email]


CIO Informatique Industrielle

1 rue de la presse - BP 710


Tel : 00 33 4 77 93 34 32

Fax : 00 33 4 77 79 75 55


// My original email to davinci-linux-open-source  -- Naresh



I have a custom designed board with DaVinci. I have downloaded the
latest software from SorceForge.

My hyper terminal operate at 115200,8N1.

I am using CCS JTAG to poke inside ARM code.


On PC Host CMD window, I issue the following command


Slh_DM644x -load2IRAM slt_DM644x.bin

Resulting display on CMD window

Waiting for the DM644x...

BOOTME commmand received. Returning ACK and header...

ACK command sent. Waiting for BEGIN command...

        Target:   BEGIN

BEGIN commmand received. Sending CRC table...

 100% [                                                              ]

                           CRC table sent....




Waiting for DONE...

DONE received.  Sending the UBL...

 100% [                                                              ]

                              UBL sent....



DONE received.  UBL was accepted.

UBL transmitted successfully.



Operation completed successfully.


After that I connect the HyperTerminal . On HyperTerminal I get


BOOTUBLStarting UART Boot...

BOOTUBLStarting UART Boot...

BOOTUBLStarting UART Boot...

BOOTUBLStarting UART Boot...

BOOTUBLStarting UART Boot...

BOOTUBLStarting UART Boot...

BOOTUBLStarting UART Boot...


How do I load an application program or start communicating with Davinci






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