Upgrade to 9.0.2 database user email problem

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Upgrade to 9.0.2 database user email problem

Leonhardt, Matthew



I recently upgraded from 8.2 to 9.0.2 on an installation that mixes LDAP users with database users.  The email addresses for all of the database users were replaced with the email address of a random LDAP user.  We have about 125 database users in the system.


1.       Is it safe to restore the oc_preferences table from backup, or should I restore the entire database to recover those email addresses?  (Restoring the entire database and server files to pre-upgrade status is also an option.)

2.       Is this a known issue, or should I submit a bug on GitHub?  (If known, is there a prescribed remediation to recover this data other than what I’m considering in #1?)

3.       Was this just a function of the upgrade process, or am I in jeopardy of subsequent LDAP data loads overwriting those email addresses again? (If anyone knows)

4.       We can’t manually repair the email addresses on the Users page due to issue #14127 (https://github.com/owncloud/core/issues/14127).  However, we can recover all 125 email addresses manually and hand-edit the oc_preferences table directly.  Would this process work?


I appreciate any insight anyone has.





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