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Jakub Moscicki

We evaluate owncloud for use at CERN. The point of our exercise is to get enough experience with owncloud such that CERN may take an educated decision about investing into this project.

Server environment: SLC6 + Apache + MySQL/Postgres/Oracle (whatever suits best)

Client environment: linux (slc, ubuntu,?) , macosx, windows and major mobile platforms

We currently have a communitiy of ~10 beta-testers and several experts backing up the evaluation (sysadmins, packagers, programmers). But all are part-time volunteers and often very busy with other priorities.

At this point we are mainly concerned about stability of the syncing layer and core functionality.  This is where I would like to see if we can contribute something to the community. And this is where we would like to see the progress of the project in the near future.

Best regards,