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emda event trigger mode

Liu Hua
I'm using EMIF of DM355 to connect a external FPGA.

Every time there's enough data in FPGA, the FPGA will generate a rise
edge of signal to DM355. I'm using GPIO interrupt in DM355 to receive
this signal. After entering the interrupt, I start the EDMA.  When
edma completes, I reclaim the buffer in edma interrupt. So, there are
two interrupts every one packet.

Now I want to using event trigger mode to reduce the interrupt.  The
GPIO will trigger the EDMA itself without software. The User Guide
says "The GPIO interrupt is the trigger event."   Should I enable the
corresponding GPIO interrupt?  If so, there are two interrupts again.
Or I can disable this interrupt. The bit in GPIO interrupt status
register is enough to complete the job.

How could I let GPIO trigger the EDMA and at the same time, DM355 not
respone to the interurupt ?

Can anyone help me ? thanks in advance.

Best Regards
Richard LIU