kernel sources: better integration between git and arago

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kernel sources: better integration between git and arago

Raffaele Recalcati
I have this git tree:
git clone -n git://

But I compile the kernel using:
MACHINE=dm365-evm bitbake linux-davinci-staging-static
and I see the sources in:

If source are deleted at the end of deploy I recompile with:
MACHINE=dm365-evm bitbake linux-davinci-staging-static -c compile

I guess that the recipe used is :

SRC_URI points to the same git.

I think it could be better that
recipe points to the directory downloaded with git clone.
In this way I can create git branch on my pc and I can create patch
easily using git diff.

I can change recipe by myself, but
I think could be nice for everybody to do it.