ownCloud 2.1.0 for Android released

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ownCloud 2.1.0 for Android released

David A. Velasco
Hi everyone,

A new version of the ownCloud app for Android is now officially
available, including both new features and bug fixes.

- Select and handle multiple files ****  (you all are going to love this)
- Sync files on tap  **** (and you'll love this even more, just you
don't know it yet)
- Access files through Documents Provider
- "Can share" option for federated shares (server 9.1+)
- Full name shown instead of user name
- New icon
- Style and sorting fixes
- Bugs fixed, including:
   + Icon "available offline" shown when set
   + Trim blanks of username in login view
   + Protect password field from suggestions

The app is already available for download in Google Play Store:

The workaround app for Jelly Bean is also updated in Google Play Store,
for those of you that still need it:

The binary for Blackberry 10 is also delivered to Blackberry World,
should be approved soon.

The source code of this release can be found in

For discussions or any help in setting up we recommend to try ownCloud
central first:

For real confirmed bugs, work in progress, and code contributions,
please submit on https://github.com/owncloud/android

Thank you,
David A. Velasco / davivel  (for the mobile team)

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