ownCloud 8.2.0 is released

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ownCloud 8.2.0 is released

Frank Karlitschek-3
Dear ownCloud users!

We're proud to make available the latest ownCloud Server 8.2, which delivers
user interface improvements and significant new features for system
administrators. This release is deemed stable for home users and small
servers. Enterprise users are encouraged to wait for the release of the
ownCloud Enterprise subscriptions before upgrading.

A blog post with instructions on upgrading will appear tomorrow on

Get the latest version on https://owncloud.org/install

You can find links and installation instructions on
https://owncloud.org/release-channels and see what's new on

Note that if you use packages from the release channels, it is your
responsibility to change your package repositories to a newer version before a
release is no longer supported. If you still use ownCloud 6, you are strongly
urged to upgrade to the stable 7 series or newer as soon as possible.

They all have received critical stability and security updates and it is
highly recommended to upgrade.

Enjoy the latest ownCloud releases!


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