ownCloud 9.0 is here!

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ownCloud 9.0 is here!

Jos Poortvliet-3
Dear ownCloud users!

We're proud to make ownCloud server 9 available. This release delivers new
collaboration features like comments and tags, improved scalability and better
federation and sharing in general. You can find more information in our release
blog https://owncloud.org/blog/owncloud-server-9-0-released

We're very proud of this release, as it introduces some massive features while
still improving a LOT on stability and performance. You can find out about the
big and small improvements on our website at https://owncloud.org/nine

We'd like to thank all the awesome ownCloud contributors and users for their
hard work and support - without you, ownCloud wouldn't be as awesome as it is!

A blog post with instructions on upgrading will appear tomorrow on https://

Get the latest version on https://owncloud.org/install and be sure to let us
know what you think about it! If you're using the zip file with the built in
updater, we'll release the new version some time next month. Of course you can
always upgrade sooner by hand!

# Maintenance releases
Together with this new major release, we've published minor updates to our
supported versions: 8.2.3, 8.1.6, 8.0.11 and 7.0.13. They all have received
critical stability and security updates and it is highly recommended to
upgrade. With regards to the last in this list, ownCloud 7, we strongly urge
you to upgrade: our maintenance period is coming to an end.

You can find links and installation instructions for all these on https://
owncloud.org/release-channels and see what's new on https://owncloud.org/

Note that if you use packages from the release channels, it is your
responsibility to change your package repositories to a newer version before a
release is no longer supported.

Enjoy the latest ownCloud releases!
- Your fellow ownClouders

some packages, esp the older releases, are still building, so are the VM's so
not everything is there yet. Don't despair, our build servers are working
overtime and it is all coming ASAP!

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