ownCloud Android app 2.2.0 released

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ownCloud Android app 2.2.0 released

David A. Velasco
Hi everybody.

A new version of the ownCloud Android app is now officially available: 2.2.0

A long-awaited feature included in this version is the ability to ** set
folders as available offline ** . The contents of all the files included
under an available-offline folder will be updated automatically. Local
changes will be pushed to the server as soon as occured. Changes in the
server will be detected and synchronized when you browse through the
app, or whenever a full-account synchronization is triggered by you or
by the Android system.

Another major update in this release is the ** new navigation drawer **
. Tap on the burger menu or swipe from the left edge of the screen to
open it and enjoy its renewed style. Find your avatar in the top, and
tap on the tiny white triangle on the right to expand the ** account
switcher ** and to access to the new ** account manager **.

This is an awesome contribution by Andy Scherzinger
(https://github.com/AndyScherzinger) that finally found its way into the
app. From ownCloud we'd like to thank Andy for his long-time support to
the ownCloud Android app with amazing features and style updates.

Find here the full changelog:

- Set folders as Available Offline
- New navigation drawer, with avatar and account switch.
- New account manager, accessible from navigation drawer.
- Set edit permissions in federated shares of folders (OC server >= 9.1)
- Monitor and revoke session from web UI (OC server >= 9.1)
- Improved look and contents of file menu.
- Bugs fixed, including:
   + Keep modification time of uploaded files.
   + Stop audio when file is deleted.
   + Upload of big files.

The app is already available for download in Google Play Store:

The workaround app for Jelly Bean is also updated in Google Play Store,
for those of you that still need it:

The source code of this release can be found in

For discussions or any help in setting up we recommend to try ownCloud
central first:

For real confirmed bugs, work in progress, and code contributions,
please submit on https://github.com/owncloud/android

Thank you,
David A. Velasco / davivel  (for the ownCloud mobile team)

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ownCloud GmbH - www.owncloud.com <http://www.owncloud.com/>

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