ownCloud Client 1.5.0 rc1 Released

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ownCloud Client 1.5.0 rc1 Released

Klaas Freitag-3

here is the first release candidate for those who want to help smoke
testing the release of 1.5.0. If no blocker come up, we will release
this (or this with very little changes).

Changes compared to beta3:
- Fix progress bar on win32
- Fix network rate limiting on win32
- Do not check for etag during failing requests
- Start quota timer only after the predecessor returned
- Remove tmp files in case of certain download problems
- Some valgrind fixes
- Theming fix: button behaviour
- Fix a case where a sync loop could happen.
- Multi-linguar installer
- Fix handling of quotes in etags written by older ownClouds
- Fix errno handling in update phase
- Make csync compile on FreeBSD
- Minor cleanups.

You can get the beta client from http://owncloud.org/sync-clients/#testing

Please keep on testing! Report issue you might find in the github issue
tracker at [1]

Again two things are important:
a) first, search if the bug was already reported! If so, add _new_
information to the issue, but please please stay away from +1's
b) please put a [1.5.0rc1] in the subject of the issue.

Please use with caution.


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Re: ownCloud Client 1.5.0 rc1 Released

I'm very excited about this 1.5-version. I consider it a major leap. The client is getting better and better.

Can someone provide some more information on the build number that is added to the version number?
I've just compiled 1.5.0rc1 myself, but i'm getting '0' instead of a number.
Obviously i'm doing something wrong.


Koen Willems