ownCloud Client 1.6.0 released

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ownCloud Client 1.6.0 released

Daniel Molkentin

Today we are releasing ownCloud Client 1.6.0.

1.6.0 is a feature release which improves CPU utilization in several
situations and introduces parallel upload, a feature that will improve
sync performance with the upcoming ownCloud 7. The release also
contains multiple bug fixes and improvements in other areas. I have
summarized this in a blog post written for the beta1 release:


Builds for Windows, Mac OS X (>=10.7) and Linux are available through
http://owncloud.org/sync-clients/. with a test user on your
ownCloud installation.

This release drops support for Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) in order
to be able to use newer API that improves the sync expirience on OS X.

The ChangeLog is available at http://owncloud.org/sync-clients/.

 Daniel (for the ownCloud client team)

www.owncloud.com - Your Data, Your Cloud, Your Way!

ownCloud GmbH, GF: Markus Rex, Holger Dyroff
Schloßäckerstrasse 26a, 90443 Nürnberg, HRB 28050 (AG Nürnberg)

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Re: ownCloud Client 1.6.0 released

Hi Daniel,

Thank you and all your collegues for your great work!
Version 1.6.0 is a good improvement you all can be proud of.

Small note from my side: are you planning to update https://github.com/owncloud/mirall/blob/master/doc/building.rst so we learn how to compile with qt5?