ownCloud Client 1.7.0rc1 released

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ownCloud Client 1.7.0rc1 released

Daniel Molkentin

we finally provide the first release candidate of ownCloud 1.7.0.
If no major show stoppers emerge, this will be what's in the final
package. Please give it a good test. You can get it from:


Please report issues to https://github.com/owncloud/mirall/issues and
prefix reports with "[1.7.0rc1]".

Improvements over beta4:

- Improve Windows Shell Integration, use a named pipe
- Make Windows Shell Integration work on Windows XP
- Improvements to sync journal handling
- Usability improvements in the selective sync widget
- Socket API fixes
- Add background for OS X installer
- Less aggressive sync rescheduling on sync failure
- Ingore files which are reserved words on Windows (com1, con.txt, a:, etc).

Changelog since 1.6:

 * oC7 Sharing: Handle new sharing options of ownCloud 7 correctly.
 * Added Selective sync: Ability to unselect server folders which are
   excluded from syncing, plus GUI and setup GUI
 * Improved local change detection: consider file size, detect files
   with ongoing changes and do not upload immediately
 * Improved HTTP request timeout handler: all successful requests reset
   the timeout counter
 * Improvements for syncing command line tool: netrc support, improved
   SSL support, non interactive mode
 * Added a socket based API to provide file management shells with status
   information about the sync status of files. That is a prerequisite for
   the overlay icons in the file managers.
 * Permission system: ownCloud 7 delivers file and folder permissions,
   added ability to deal with it for shared folders and more.
 * Ignore handling: Do not recurse into ignored or excluded directories
 * Major sync journal database improvements for more stability and
 * New library interface to sqlite3
 * Improve "resync handling" if errors occur
 * Blacklist improvements
 * Improved logging: more useful meta info, removed noise
 * Updated to latest Qt5 versions on Windows and OS X
 * OS X: Sparkle update to provide pkg format properly
 * OS X: Change distribution format from dmg to pkg with new installer.
 * Win: Ignore filenames with trailing dot/space and reserved names
   (com1..., drive letters)


(for the ownCloud client team)

www.owncloud.com - Your Data, Your Cloud, Your Way!

ownCloud GmbH, GF: Markus Rex, Holger Dyroff
Schlo??ckerstrasse 26a, 90443 N?rnberg, HRB 28050 (AG N?rnberg)

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