ownCloud Client 1.8.2 beta1Released

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ownCloud Client 1.8.2 beta1Released

Klaas Freitag-3
Dear Community,

it's beta time again! More than 250 commits went into the git repository
of the ownCloud Client since version 1.8.1 and we are happily providing
you with a new version 1.8.2 beta1 today. It can be downloaded via

The focus for this release was clearly on bug fixing. The detailed
changelog below will guide you what issues we have fixed.

We kindly ask for your testing! A RC1 (release candidate) is planned for
june 1st.

As usual, please remember to use this client only with test data and
never in production.

Please report bugs in https://github.com/owncloud/client/issues



for your desktop team.


version 1.8.2 beta1 (release 2015-05-22)
 * HTTP: Add the branding name to the UserAgent string.
 * ConnectonValidator: Always run with new credentials. (#3266)
 * Recall Feature: Admins can trigger an upload of a file from
   client to server again
 * Propagator: Add 'Content-Length: 0' header to MKCOL request
 * Switch on checksum verification through branding or config
 * Add ability for checksum verification of up and download
 * Fix opening external links for some labels (#3135)
 * AccountState: Run only a single validator, allow error message
   overriding (#3236 #3153)
 * SyncJournalDB: Minor fixes and simplificatons
 * SyncEngine: Force re-read of folder Etags for upgrades from
   1.8.0 and 1.8.1
 * Propagator: Limit length of temporary file name #2789
 * ShareDialog: Password ui fixes. #3189
 * Fix startup hang by removing QSettings lock file. (#3175)
 * Wizard: Allow SSL cert dialog to show twice. (#3168)
 * ProtocolWidget: Fix rename message. (#3210)
 * Discovery: Test better, treat invalid hrefs as error (#3176)
 * Propagator: Overwrite local data only if unchanged. (#3156)
 * ShareDialog: Improve error reporting for share API fails
 * OSX Updater: Only allow if in /Applications (#2931)
 * Wizard: Fix lock icon (#1447)
 * Fix compile with gcc 5
 * Treat any 503 error as temporary (#3113)
 * Work around for the Qt PUT corruption bug (#2425)
 * OSX Shell integration: Optimizations
 * Windows Shell integration: Optimizations

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