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ownCloud Client 2.2.0 RC1

Klaas Freitag-3

I am happy to announce RC1 of the next ownCloud Client Release 2.2.0.
This is the last pre release before we want to ship the final on
Thursday, may 12.

It contains more bugfixes for problems that people reported during the
beta phase.
Find the changelog for 2.2.0 below.

Thanks everybody for helping to make this release happen.

Find installation packages via
Please find and report bugs to Github at



for the ownCloud Client Team.


Changelog (preliminary):
  * Overlay icons: Refactoring - mainly for performance improvements
  * Improved error handling with Sync Journal on USB storages (#4632)
  * Sharing Completion: Improved UI of completion in sharing from
desktop. (#3737)
  * Show server notifications on the client (#3733)
  * Improved Speed with small files by dynamic parallel request count
  * LockWatcher: Make sure to sync files after apps released exclusive
locks on Windows.
  * Improved handling of Win32 file locks and network files
  * Workaround Ubuntu 16.04 tray icon bug (#4693)
  * Removed the Alias field from the folder definition (#4695)
  * Improved netrc parser (#4691)
  * Improved user notifications about ignored files and conflicts
(#4761, #3222)
  * Add warnings for old server versions (#4523)
  * Enable tranportation checksums if the server supports based on
server capabilities (#3735)

  * Default Chunk-size changed to 10MB (#4354)
  * Documentation Improvements, ie. about overlay icons
  * Translation fixes
  * Countless other bugfixes
  * Sqlite Update to recent version
  * Update of QtKeyChain to support Windows credential store
  * Packaging of dolphin overlay icon module for bleeding edge distros

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