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ownCloud Client 2.2.0 beta1

Klaas Freitag-3

Hi all,

it is beta time again: We are heading towards a new release
of the ownCloud Client called 2.2.0 and today there is the
first beta available. Before the gold version is released
on (targetted) May 12, we like to ask for your help again.

One of the new features of the new client is that is shows
notifications from the server in the client window. That
happens for example if a share on a remote host was prepared
for a user, waiting to be accepted by clicking on a button.

Apart from that, there are a lot of changes to improve
stability and convenience, as usual.

Have fun with testing this new version, but please take care
with real data as this is still beta software. There is a
testpilot build available that can be installed in parallel
to the stable client.

Find installation packages via
Please find and report bugs to Github at



for the ownCloud Client Team.

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