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ownCloud Documents and beta 1

Frank Karlitschek-3
Hi guys,

I want to announce that ownCloud Documents will be part of ownCloud 6. It's a very cool rich text collaborative editing feature.
You can get more information here:


This is already part of ownCloud 6 beta 1 that you can download and install here:

I think this a pretty cool and powerful feature. It's also very unique because it is the first one of it's kind that is completely free software, integrated collaborative editing on top of real files with offline syncing and runs on your own server.

It's developed in the documents github repository here https://github.com/owncloud/documents
Please help to test it and contribute of you want. WebODF is used for the browser part and contributions are also super welcome: http://webodf.org

Thanks to everyone who helped to build this awesome feature