ownCloud iOS app 3.5.2 released

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ownCloud iOS app 3.5.2 released

David A. Velasco
Hi everybody,

A new version of the ownCloud iOS app is now officially available: 3.5.2

With this version you will finally be able to select what type of files
will be automatically uploaded from the camera with the ** instant
uploads feature: pictures, videos or both ** .

This is a great contribution by Jon Schneider
(https://github.com/Jon-Schneider), that has been expanding the options
of the instant uploads feature for some time now. From ownCloud we'd
like to thank Jon for his support and dedication to the ownCloud iOS app.

Please, notice that this will be the ** last version with support for
iOS 8 **. The first version of 2017 will require iOS 9 as a minimum.

Find other improvements, mainly about uploads, in the full changelog:

- New options available for instant uploads. Select what type of media
you want to upload
- Stream Photo items from iCloud. Now you can upload your photos even if
they are not downloaded into your device
- New menu option to clean all your successful uploads
- Updated user agent
- Bug fixing

The app is already available for download in iOS App Store:

The source code of this release can be found in

For discussions or any help in setting up we recommend to try ownCloud
central first:

For real confirmed bugs, work in progress, and code contributions,
please submit on https://github.com/owncloud/ios

Thank you,
David A. Velasco / davivel  (for the ownCloud mobile team)

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ownCloud GmbH - www.owncloud.com <http://www.owncloud.com/>

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