qt embedded 4.5 on dm365

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qt embedded 4.5 on dm365

Raffaele Recalcati
Below the guide to install qt4 on arago on DM365.
But colours are wrong!

dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/fb3

QT small guide

set serverip
set ipaddr
set bootargs 'console=ttyS0,115200n8 rw ip=dhcp root=/dev/nfs
nfsroot= mem=76M
tftpboot 0x80700000 uImage-dm365-evm-r26.bin;bootm
echo "COMPONENT" > /sys/class/davinci_display/ch0/output
echo "720P-60" > /sys/class/davinci_display/ch0/mode
/fbdev_loopback_nomemcpy -i3 -m0 -p1

# extra packages
MACHINE=dm365-evm bitbake qt4-embedded

usign arago-demo-image in nfs.

changing etg/opkg/* files in order to point to my ipk packages.

opkg update
opkg install qt4-embedded

Some modifications could be needed
export QWS_DISPLAY=:/dev/fb3
cd /usr/bin/qtopia
./demos/deform/deform -qws

framebuffer test
root@dm365-evm:/usr/bin/qtopia# /usr/bin/qtopia/examples/qws/framebuffer/framebu
ffer /dev/fb3
The framebuffer device was opened successfully.

Fixed screen info:
        id:          dm_vid1_fb
        smem_start:  0x82000000
        smem_len:    5529600
        type:        0
        type_aux:    0
        visual:      2
        xpanstep:    16
        ypanstep:    1
        ywrapstep:   0
        line_length: 2560
        mmio_start:  0x0
        mmio_len:    0
        accel:       0

The framebuffer device was mapped to memory successfully.

Was in graphics mode already. Skipping
Variable screen info:
        xres:           1280
        yres:           720
        xres_virtual:   1280
        yres_virtual:   2160
        yoffset:        0
        xoffset:        0
        bits_per_pixel: 16
        grayscale: 0
        red:    offset:  0, length:  0, msb_right:  0
        green:  offset:  0, length:  0, msb_right:  0
        blue:   offset:  0, length:  0, msb_right:  0
        transp: offset:  0, length:  0, msb_right:  0
        nonstd:       1
        activate:     0
        height:       0
        width:        0
        accel_flags:  0x0
        pixclock:     13000
        left_margin:  300
        right_margin: 70
        upper_margin: 26
        lower_margin: 3
        hsync_len:    80
        vsync_len:    5
        sync:         16
        vmode:        0

Frame Buffer Performance test...
        Average:   80016 usecs
        Bandwidth: 65.905 MByte/Sec
        Max. FPS:  12.498 fps

Will draw 3 rectangles on the screen,
they should be colored red, green and blue (in that order).