server side encryption, next step(s)

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server side encryption, next step(s)

Sebastian Henschel
hi there...

the new website is looking good, thanks for that. but with the move away
from the kde infrastructure, what is going to replace the bug tracker? doesn't seem to allow to attach files (but
i might have overlooked that).

the 8-byte padding patch ( ) has been made, but
according to , i need to adapt it
to the coding guidelines. but that should also be true for other parts
in lib/crypt.php, e.g. function createkey should be renamed to

so what are the next steps envisioned? i forgot what we were talking
about 2 weeks ago in the chat (does anyone have a log?). only that we
will start with a non-perfect solution to this complex issue; a solution
that can be implemented within the next couple of weeks. says:

      * encrypt everything, starting with small files
      * prioritize likely private stuff (documents, photos etc.) over
        media (music, videos)
      * show a progress bar in Personal ? with a note that one can wait
        until it?s all encrypted

is there anyone doing anything on it right now? re 3rd bullet: 'one
_can_ wait?' or 'one _has to_ wait?' is there some kind of background
processing within owncloud that could do it while the user is browsing


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