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smb mount and some users get ....

.. "No files in here"

hi everyone.

I'm experiencing a bit bizarre (mis)behaviour of owncloud,
or another component in the pipeline.
Users are LDAP back-end and they all log in just fine. I've
created a SMB external storage and this storage works fine,
but! only for some users!?
Some users get "No files in here" whereas there is data on
that share.

First I thought - could it be LDAP defining, describing
those users differently, but to my eye they seem virtually
identical there in the LDAP.
Then I thought - maybe some other restrictions OS imposes on
some users, but then I thought: owncloud does not go through
it, it goes directly to Samba, right?

It is not filesystem permission (nor any other controlling
mechanism) for those users who get no files at the same time
get to that samba share simply by mapping a net drive, with
no problems whatsoever.

I've been watching logs, samba's and Glusterfs's, as Gluster
is the storage back-end Samba share uses, but nothing
apparent there.
I need a hint on where, how, I can get bite into owcloud in
order to troubleshoot this. Apache's log are pretty quiet.

All thoughts shared very appreciated.

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