stop caldav to advertise serverside scheduling

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stop caldav to advertise serverside scheduling

Maik Holtkamp

I have 2 different calendars in my private OC (9.1)/ Cal (1.3.3)

Both should be connected with different e-mail addresses. For the OC
admin account (=me) there is e-mail address configured, different from both.

To interact with those calendars from my workplace I use

After I returned from our summer break recently there was a TB/LN update
and I recognized a few days later, that LN didn't respect the e-mail
address I configured to be used to send invitations in my work calendar
anymore - the private one didn't work either :(. Instead those
invitations were send with the From address of the configured OC admin.

As it used to work as expected before our summer break it was obvious
for me that TB/LN did something wrong - so I reported the issue in Bugzilla:

In this thread it turned out that the different behavior could be caused
if I -unwillingly - (or any update of OC/Cal) changed the setting of

[ ] advertising serverside scheduling

Unfortunately I have no idea how to change this, so any help would be

Just had a short test with the default calendar of my daughter in the
same OC instance - no issue, the e-mail that I configure in LN will be
used for invitations, so it just comes to mind:

Should I move all my data to new $JustUser Account?

Is it bad practise to really use the admin account at all?

In spite I use this OC installation for a while now, its just for my
family (my wife, 3 kids and me), so sorry if I missed any FAQ/F(ine)M.

- TIA - maik
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Re: stop caldav to advertise serverside scheduling

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