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Re: ownCloud Client Version 2.2.2 Released 9 replies Users
Re: Can one remove the coloured letters and headings in contacts? 0 replies Users
Re: Upload file from a PHP application to the Owncloud Server 3 replies Developers
Re: Another spam wave hit the forum 4 replies Users
Re: beta for a patch release 1 reply Developers
Updating issue with 9.0.1 beta 1. Which repo to report to? 1 reply Developers
Re: LDAP issues 0 replies Users
LDAP issues 2 replies Users
Re: Hosting Providers for Own Cloud - Unlimited File Usage 0 replies Users
Re: ownCloud Desktop Client 2.1.1 released 1 reply Developers
Re: ownCloud Desktop Client 2.1.1 released 3 replies Developers
Re: feedback 0 replies Developers
Re: NAS <-> ownCloud sync ? 1 reply Users
Re: NAS <-> ownCloud sync ? 3 replies Users
Question regarding licence AGPLv3 0 replies Developers
Re: Are there any known problems OC 8.1.5 and PHP 5.6 0 replies Users
Re: No mail notifications from 0 replies Developers
Re: Mailman / Webserver URL misconfiguration for this mailing list 1 reply Users
Re: Update available via admin interface 0 replies Developers
Re: Documentation bug: Importing calendar (ical/webcal) in ownCloud 7.0.4 0 replies Users
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