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user created dont have all the folders


I was experimenting an issue with a specifical user.  The windows sync
client display an error related with server unavailable.  That user
was the only with the problem.  So i check the user folder in the
server, and just has the folder "cache".  The folders "files",
"files_trashbin" and "files_versions" was not there!!!!!

So i create that folders and apply the correct permission and the
owncloud folder in the windows desktop was completly deleted!!!!!!!!
the user was store there approx 2GB of documents and simply dissapear.
Was not found in the local trashbin and with a recover software can
found that files.

So the main question is: why the user was not has the folders when was created?

And second question: do you know some black magic or whatever to
recover the user info??????

Thanks a lot.


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